D.O.M.E. Botique, PARIS

D.O.M.E. - Diversity of My Environment PARIS 

We recently had the honor of being picked up by D.O.M.E. (Diversity Of My Environment) Paris.  The French boutique has a reputation for serving up the dopest hats around, so we’re proud to have D.O.M.E. as our first Parisian retailer.  Their handpicked selection presents the freshest up-and-coming brands, as well as favorite veteran players.  (Some current highlights include Hall of Fame, Decades, King, Traack, and Sovhlate Outlawz Project.)  By constantly transforming their inventory, D.O.M.E. stays on top of the latest styles and ahead of the trends.  They also focus on featuring exclusive young lines, like Daily Doses, that you won’t find at your average store.  After spotting our hats, they hit us up for an order of Doses Original strapback/snapbacks, giving us our first ever vendor in Paris.  


It was an amazing introduction; we sold out within the first week.  But don’t worry kids — thanks to our success at D.O.M.E., the future looks bright for more boutique partnerships across Europe.  


Watch out.